Sunday, 15 May 2016

Good News From The Pharmaceutical Industry

I never thought I would ever say this, but: Congratulations Pfizer!

Source: Predrag Stakic/
Why am I saying this? Well, a few days ago, the drug giant Pfizer announced that it will impose tight controls on the sale of drugs used for lethal injections, in order to prevent their products being used for the barbaric practice. As a fan of the Undertale PC game, I would like to say, thank you for choosing Mercy. While more than 20 other pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Europe have taken similar measures, Pfizer is the second largest such company in the world and the last FDA-approved manufacturer of execution drugs, making this news even more significant. Now, it will be almost impossible for states in the USA to obtain them. The reasoning behind this is that Pfizer and others want their products to "save or improve lives", and while patients go to naturopaths like me for better and non-toxic results in that department, I do sympathise with their reasons. Using something meant to heal in order to kill is sick, it is disgusting, and it does not make you more "humane"; I will only trust you less. If you support the death penalty: I make no apologies to those who I may offend by saying this; I am valid and have a right to what I say and value, and I value human rights. No I am not being "emotional", I am standing up for myself and my values because I have to. Also, I am Australian. The last execution in Australia happened more than 20 years before I was born, and my state ended it almost 100 years ago. And yes, these measures are already making a difference. States are finding it harder to find ways to execute inmates, and approval of backup plans is generating yet more backlash against the death penalty. Ohio has been repeatedly delaying executions; conservative lawmakers are beginning to turn against the practice when in the past they were the least likely to do such a thing. It is about time that the 31 US states which retain the death penalty put an end to it, so the country can join the majority of the world's countries that have either banned it or have not practised it in years.

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