Hello/Guten Tag, I am Alexandra, the Spring Chicken. I am totally fascinated by the science of natural antiaging and longevity, which I have been in love with since I was only in high school. In fact, when I chose to write my Advanced Herbal Medicine presentation on antiaging for the immune system, I scored 95% and actually taught our teacher a few things too! Biological aging as an unalterable process never made sense to me because of how amazing the human body truly is, and when age and mortality became more prominent in my life I began to study natural ways to slow and reverse it. This was almost by accident: it all began when I Google searched "what is the meaning of life" for a school assignment and skipped to page 20! A sign? Who knows.

I am still a student, studying for a Bachelor of Health Science in naturopathy, but I am due to graduate in June 2016. I hope to have my own clinic with a focus on antiaging and inflammation, and of course keep up with professional writing on the side. As a writer, I began in 2014 when I wrote the book Nutritional Biochemistry Explained, for students of nutritional medicine, which is available here and based on my extensive tutoring notes that I had written earlier in that year. My writing work has increased recently, from just my book and one website, since I created a Fiverr account where writing services can be ordered.

As both a writer and future clinical practitioner, my goal is to empower others to gain control over their health and thus their lives. This is your life, you deserve to live it on your terms.

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  1. Hi Alexandra I too am interested in the subject of anti-aging probably for more reasons than you since I am at that age where anything that might work is worth a try:) I started a BHC but for various reasons have not continued this year, do hope I can get back to it soon. Enjoying your blog and hope to see more of your writing on this subject soon. Must read your book! Wish I could write but I get too passionately involved and usually end up saying very little that others would be interested in.