Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Biotech Company Permitted To Resurrect Clinically Dead

Just in on ScienceAlert: A US biotechnology company, BioQuark, has recently been given permission for a trial involving 20 clinically dead patients, where they will attempt to revive "dead" central nervous systems. If successful in reanimating the upper spinal cord/lower brain stem area, the vital functions of breathing and heartbeat may be restored, which the clinically dead can only do with the help of machines.
Ira Pastor, CEO of BioQuark, stated that "This represents the first trial of its kind and another step towards the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime," after being granted permission for this trial, known as the ReAnima Project. This Phase I trial is a proof-of-concept, non-randomised study meant to determine whether it is actually possible to reverse brain death. Failing that, researchers will be investigating if they can produce any changes in the meninges of the brain (tissue that sits between the brain and skull).
This treatment will involve the following:
-Daily injections of peptides, which are short proteins, into the spinal cord
-Twice-weekly injections of stem cells into the brain
-Transcranial laser therapy, which uses light to penetrate the skull in order to activate the body's natural repair processes, and
-Nerve stimulation, where electrical impulses are applied to the median nerve of the upper limb.

If all goes well, hopefully there will be a place for the natural side of medicine in bringing back the clinically dead, with all our anti-inflammatory, stem cell-assisting, nervous system-repairing tools available now and in the future. However, it will take years for any treatment like this to be available to the public, if it is successful at all. There will, of course, be much ethical debate, but many antiaging and longevity types like myself do approve of such measures. Although, this is the strangest news article I have covered so far.

Salmon, an oily fish. Also what antiaging can feel like.
So what is an example of how natural medicines can help? Well, there is the story of Bobby Ghassemi. After a car crash, this young man was taken to a Virginia hospital in a state closer to death than life. Doctors were surprised that he was even alive enough to be in a coma; his reports stated a Glasgow coma score of three, which is the worst possible. Fortunately, his father found Army Colonel Dr Michael Lewis through his army buddies, who recommended high doses, 20 grams daily to be exact, of fish oil. The omega-3 fats in fish oil are required to both relieve inflammation and promote neuron growth. The first point is equally essential, as when someone is in a coma, their neurological condition often worsens due to the inflammation killing off the remaining brain cells. Within several months, Bobby was able to graduate high school, although he still required therapy for walking difficulty and some weakness on his left side. I just wish cases like this were more widely publicised.

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