Friday, 6 November 2015

Live on Fiverr!

I am now on Fiverr for editing of Health Science assignments and professional articles on natural health! My gig for ghostwriting natural health articles and books will be up soon :-)

I am really looking forward to earning more than just enough to get me out of the pocket money-zone, being my own boss is what is best for me.....and probably the vast majority of people! According to Self Determination Theory, the three universal needs are Autonomy, Competency and Relatedness. A teacher I had in my first year of university was really into it, and then I found that it is not the only area of psychology that acknowledges the fact that we all need to be in control over our lives. Actually when another first year subject went through the major psychological schools of thought, they seemed to be on one evolutionary line towards Self Determination Theory. Sure working for someone else is better than nothing, but it is less secure and autonomous.

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