Thursday, 5 November 2015

Anncredible: What's the Truth? Does "Everything Cause Cancer"?...

Anncredible: What's the Truth? Does "Everything Cause Cancer"?...: With cancer rates increasing exponentially each year, and current cancer rates of 1 in 3, the World Health Organization has declared that t...  

Finally! A rational response to cancer prevention research! I know it was posted two months before the WHO's bacon-unfriendly announcement, but I am getting sick and tired of all the "everything causes cancer so let's eat trash and use poison" nonsense.  I love this woman! Welcome to "the dark side" (well really the light side) Ann, and congratulations on your new job!

My added take on it is, because of the importance of mental and emotional health, if you never partake in any naughtiness is the resulting stress/lack of enjoyment more damaging than transient exposure to something harmful?

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