Saturday, 4 June 2016

Graduation and Qualification!

Finally, after four years, I've done it! I have finally finished my degree, a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy! I have made so many friends, learnt so many things, and even self-published a book and started this blog! Years of studying nutrition, herbal medicine, biology,  chemistry, clinical skills and practical training will soon pay off even more for me.

So what am I going to do? I'm going to Europe for a month's holiday next Saturday first, partly to see if I would like to work there or at least have a deeper involvement with the world of health on the continent. Then, it's time to begin the task of setting up clinical practice, which takes time as I first need my transcript to update my association membership, in order to get my insurance and health fund access. I need an account with pathology labs, a dispensary, furniture and a clinic room too. Then there's marketing, I am thankful for all my views and followers but I need better search rankings and visibility, especially here in Australia!

I would love to be antiaging and longevity royalty someday. I am looking at starting a line of skincare products and/or writing more books and even courses. I will probably do clinical practice part time to accommodate these. I want to have a balance between work and fun, so I can travel, dance, be with friends probably don't know that I am a semi professional belly dancer in a troupe! We are the Stars of the Sahara, and becoming more well-known on the Gold Coast. Will I even be able to combine my two passions, using dance or music as therapy? Who knows. I have my role models: that is you, my dance teacher; Angela Counsel; Kathy Wong (Moeloco flip flops); Dr Ursula Jacob; Dr Thomas Vogl; David McLelland and all of my teachers and other friends I have not listed behind me (even the chiropractor I had for over a year, an upstanding example of work/life balance). No one I studied with or under can get too far away from me, all us naturopaths know each other anyway.

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