Tuesday, 22 December 2015

"Stoner Sloth" Government Propaganda

So lately a state government in my country has decided to insult our collective intelligence with the "You're Worse on Weed" campaign, despite planned trials testing limited medical use and mounting scientific evidence proving the health benefits of a particular herb. Really? If I had or wanted children, I'd be more angry at them for drinking alcohol, which is worse for your health, or if they were abusing painkillers for whatever reason.

What do I see? I see people quietly shrinking their children's tumours back into nothing with full strength oil but being chased by "the law", I see people almost reaching "remission" and then running out of money to buy supplies to make the oil because of prohibition prices. There is even a case study of a girl who was almost saved, but "the standard of care" killed her. This is not good enough. Take your bald-heads-and-brave-hearts discourse and shove it where it will no longer see the light of day.

When I was in high school, I didn't see any "sloths", I saw kids whose lives had been ruined by pharmaceutical medications for epilepsy and Crohn's disease. If I knew about a certain natural alternative, twice as powerful as hydrocortisone (but without a list of side effects that literally make me almost vomit just by thinking about them too much), I would have been more optimistic about life, but I may have been expelled for not towing the line.

You, New South Wales government, do not speak for me. Give us Colorado-style legalisation with provision for up to two plants for personal use. I want to live, I want to be in control over my life, none of this "medicated and mighty" thing that went around social media recently. If years of food intolerance-induced damage are yet to catch up with me, I do not want the pharmaceuticals for IBD, I want what may be the best natural alternative available. By the way, the method of administration used in the study I just linked to is the weakest.